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IAQG-Sanctioned 9110:2016 Online Update Component

This program examines the key changes from 9110:2012 to 9110:2016. The 9110:2016 Online Update Component includes the 9110:2016 Delta Training, 9110:2016 Comprehensive Review (Quiz), 9110:2016 Forms and Audit Reporting Training, and 9110:2016 Forms and Audit Reporting Assessment (see “Program Overview” section for more information).

IMPORTANT: If you have not successfully completed 9110:2012 AATT training in the past, you are not eligible to purchase this Delta training, and must instead purchase the 9110:2016 AATT Online Component.

Length: 5-6+ hours

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

  • Successful completion of the IAQG 9100:2009 AATT and 9110 AATT. (If you have not yet met these requirements, or are using a different account, you will not be eligible to purchase this product.)
  • Purchase official (published) version of 9110:2016 and 9101:2016 standards from your local standards publication body (see "Disclaimer regarding Standards and Translations" section for more information).
  • Purchase the IAQG-sanctioned 9100:2016 Online Update Component.

NOTE: This is a self-paced online program. You can complete the included training modules at your leisure. You will have access to the online training modules for 1 year from the initial purchase date, and can access the training modules at any time. Timed assessment modules must be completed in a single session.

NOTE: Translations of the 9110:2012 standard were not available in French, Italian, and Spanish at the time of publication.  Therefore, while 9110:2016 will be presented in the translated language, comparisons to 9110:2012 will use the English version in those languages. Please see the section below for more information about the included standard translations.
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